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IMPORTANT - before your hike to Barr Camp

Barr Camp is approximately 6.5 miles from the trail head in Manitou Springs. Elevation gain is 3,800 feet, and the camp elevation is 10,200 feet (3,109 meters). You can expect a 20 degree temperature difference between the bottom of the trail and Barr Camp. Expect changeable weather any time of the year.

Pikes Peak is an additional 6 miles from Barr Camp, and the trail climbs another 3,900 feet to the summit at over 14,000 feet (4,301 meters). Expect another 20 degree change in temperature and extreme weather changes such as high winds, thunderstorms, and snow. Please read the notice to hikers from the city of Colorado Springs.

Barr Camp has no potable water. There is a running stream at the camp where you will be able to filter or treat your water. We recommend you bring your own filter or treatment.

PARKING INFORMATION - There are both fee based and free parking options. See our Getting Here page for details.

EMERGENCY - If you are concerned about a hiker or need assistance on the mountain please call 911 or the El Paso County Sheriff at 719-390-5555.


Trailhead parking has changed! The reservation system has been eliminated and the parking lot kiosk is back in use. The cost is $5 per day per vehicle (subject to change).

The Pikes Peak COG Railway has also changed! The railway has shut down for the time being. Barr Camp will continue to operate, but you may notice a few small changes. The biggest change you will see is that we have changed our drink offerings. Instead of selling Gatorade we have switched to renting water filters and selling electrolyte/energy drink powders from GU Energy Labs. We will also offer soda (when in stock) as well as coffee, hot tea, hot chocolate, and water filter rentals. Thank you for understanding!

At a glance

1922: Cabin constructed by Fred Barr

1922-1960: Cabin was used for Burro Tours starting at the top of the Incline going to the summit of Pikes Peak.

1964-1972 (approx): Cabin had caretakers in the summer only. Operated by the Menonite Church from Goshen, Indiana.

1972-1979: Cabin suffered from vandalism and disrepair, faced with razing by the Forest Service.

1979-present: Cabin has had full time year round caretakers, and is a non-profit organization with a lease from the US Forest Service. Here are your current caretakers:


Barr Camp is a non-profit, community and volunteer supported organization, dedicated to providing aid and support to individuals and groups to enhance their Pikes Peak experience.

aspenBarr Camp provides a year round base for rescue operations and offers potentially lifesaving advice and information to hikers on Pikes Peak.

Barr Camp is committed to protecting the environment and educating the public on outdoor wilderness ethics.

--Adopted in 2007 by the Barr Camp Board of Directors