Accommodations - Bunkhouse/Upper Cabin/Lean-to/Tent Site

Main Cabin

Important Reservation Notes

See below for Fully Booked Dates

Dogs - Well behaved dogs are welcome in camp as long as they are under control at all times. Please do not allow your dogs inside the main cabin or bunkhouse. Please leash your dog. If you plan to stay the night at Barr Camp with your dog, you need to rent a lean-to shelter, tent site, or upper cabin.  Please clean up after your dog.

Gear storage - For our on-site guests with a paid reservation we can store your gear for you while you hike. Your gear must be retrieved the same day. For longer storage or off-site visitors you need to make your own storage plans. FOOD STORAGE - We do not have refrigerated storage for food. We do have a place for our guests to store their food overnight in our bear proof canister.

Late arrivals / Early departures - For the comfort of everyone, if you are arriving after 9:00pm we ask that you reserve a lean-to or tent site and know where it is before you arrive. Please arrive quietly.
For those that want to leave before breakfast we ask that you also consider a lean-to or tent site. Please depart quietly.

Very young/restless children - Again, for the comfort of other guests, please reserve a lean-to or tent site.

Reservation lead time - Please make your reservation at least two days prior to your stay at a minimum. We require time to coordinate with you. The more time before your stay the better chance of getting your requested date/bunk. Reservations closer than two days may not get the meals/bunks requested.

You did not receive request reply/bill/email from us - Three common problems:
1 - You made a typo in your email on the original request form
2 - Your company, educational, or government server has us blocked
3 - Your junk email/spam filter dumps our emails to your junk email folder
Send us an email using a corrected/different address and we will resend your information



Chippy Dinner

Your overnight stay at Barr Camp includes breakfast, dinner is optional. Meals are only available to overnight guests with a prepaid reservation.

Fully Booked

These nights are already booked. This list is NOT all inclusive as changes happen daily. Please attempt to request your preferred date and we will contact you with any changes.

  • 2018
      • October
        • 5
        • Main Cabin Booked
        • 6
        • Main Cabin, Leantos, and Upper Cabin Booked
        • 10
        • Upper Cabin Booked
        • 18
        • Upper Cabin Booked
        • 25
        • Upper Cabin Booked
      • November
      • December
        • 30
        • Entire Camp Booked
  • 2019
      • January
      • February
      • March
      • April
      • May
        • 24
        • Upper Cabin Booked
        • 25
        • Upper Cabin Booked
        • 31
        • Upper Cabin Booked
      • June
        • 1
        • Upper Cabin Booked
        • 6
        • Upper Cabin Booked
        • 7
        • Upper Cabin Booked
        • 8
        • Upper Cabin Booked
        • 13
        • Upper Cabin Booked
        • 14
        • Upper Cabin Booked
        • 19
        • Upper Cabin Booked
        • 20
        • Upper Cabin Booked
        • 21
        • Upper Cabin Main Cabin and Leantos Booked
        • 22
        • Upper Cabin Main Cabin and Leantos Booked
        • 20
        • Upper Cabin Booked
        • 29
        • Upper Cabin Booked
      • July
      • August
      • September
        • 19
        • Main Cabin and Upper Cabin Booked
      • October
      • November
      • December
        • Upper Cabin may be booked for the Months of May - October.

      More information on Lodging

      • Main
      • Upper
      • Lean-To
      • Tent
      • Meals

      has fifteen mattresses with six of them in two lofts.  Bunks rent individually, hostel style.  Attached to the main cabin common area where meals are served and guests and hikers spend time relaxing. Some heat during day but not at night. You may be surprised at how warm you stay in your sleeping bag, but if cool nights are not for you then summer is your best option.

      Main Bunk House

      This separate cabin rents as a unit and sleeps 12 people; ten bunk beds and a futon that can serve as a double. There is a wood stove for heat but we ask for your help in conserving the wood which we have available. If you are cooking your own meals you will need your own cookstove, untensils, pots, and carry out your own waste.

      Upper Cabin

      LEAN-TO SHELTER (aka; A-Frames, Adirondack shelters)
      We have three lean-to shelters. Raised off the ground and enclosed on three sides; the lean-to shelters are open air yet wind-proof and dry.  Equipped with mattresses, they sleep three adults comfortably. Please do not put up your tent in our lean-to's.

      Please do not confuse our shelters with the A-Frame shelter located at timberline. That structure is also available for camping but is NOT part of Barr Camp.


      BARR CAMP TENT CAMPING - $12 per person
      Camping on-site includes breakfast and you have the option of dinner for an additional charge.
      We do not have fire rings or fires on Barr Camp
      You need to bring all of your own tenting equipment.  Please check in upon arrival.

      NATIONAL FOREST TENT CAMPING - No charge, donations welcome
      You can camp anywhere in the national forest for no charge, but you do not have the option of meals.
      You need to be self-sufficient, and follow the Leave No-Trace Principles. You are responsible for bear-proof food storage.  We cannot store your gear/food while you hike. If you plan to camp near us please check in upon arrival and we will direct you to sites in the area.


      Meals are available to overnight guests only. Breakfast is included; dinner reservations need to be made in advance.

      7:00 am BreakfastPancakes
      All you can eat Pikes Peak Power Pancakes, (Neal's scratch recipe, no Bisquick in these stick to your ribs 'cakes!) hot coffee, tea or hot chocolate.

      6:00 pm Dinner
      You do not want to be late! All you can eat spaghetti, sauce from scratch, and our famous "Switchback Garlic Bread" - these are the switchbacks you WANT to see! Drinks on your own. Prepared dinner is not available on Monday and Tuesday nights; dehydrated meals are available any time we are open, 7am - 7pm.