Staying at Barr Camp overnight is like camping, but with a few added luxuries.


Breakfast – Included with all paid overnight reservations.


Clean composting toilets
Separate outdoor facility.


Prepared Dinner – Optional. Must be reserved with your paid overnight reservation.


Fully Booked Nights – See this link for nights which are already booked. 


Mattresses – In both of the
cabins and the lean-to shelters.


Day Use

Barr Trail and Barr Camp are open year-round to welcome you. Picnic tables, indoor seating, clean composting toilets, and great scenery provided free of charge. Snacks, hot drinks and merchandise are available for purchase. We are open from 7am – 7pm. We ask that you be considerate of our overnight guests by being quiet and staying away from deck after hours. Drinking water is NOT available at Barr Camp, but there is a stream at the entrance to the camp from which you can treat or filter your own water.

Dogs – Well behaved dogs are welcome in camp as long as they are under control at all times and on a leash. Dogs are not allowed in any of our buildings or the lean-to shelters. Please clean up after your dog. While Barr Camp is dog-friendly, we remain respectful of those with allergens or a fear of dogs. In order to maintain the cleanliness of our facilities as well as protect the longevity of our hard-to-obtain mattresses we allow overnight with dogs only in your own tent. 

Hike Pikes Peak, America’s Mountain


Enjoy a once in a lifetime, breathtaking vacation adventure on Pikes Peak in beautiful Colorado. Wake up in the highest lodge in America, at 10,200feet above sea level, to possibly the yummiest plate of flap jacks you’ll ever eat. Explore the grandeur of America’s Mountain, with golden trees,amazing vistas, and the finest hiking trails in the world.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Sorry, there is no simple answer and no average which would apply to everyone. The hike is uphill and long, and the altitude can be a factor. You need to be sure it is within your ability, or turn around if you are over your head. A wild guess would be between 4 – 7 hours, depending on fitness, experience, the weight of your pack and other individual factors. The weather and the trail conditions also factor in to the time estimate.
  • It really doesn’t matter how long it takes as long as you enjoy it, so take your time!
  • If you are having dinner with us you should plan to get here by 4:00 pm. Most people who attempt to get here right at 6:00 pm for dinner, don’t make it. It is not pleasant for you or for us when we have to tell you dinner is no longer served.
  • Yes – It is very unpleasant for both you and us if you arrive and we do not have space. If you come without reservations please be prepared to tent camp in the National Forest.
  • Can I bring my dog to the camp?
  • When are you fully booked?
  • Can I store my gear?
  • Can I arrive late / depart early?
  • Can I stay with my infant/young child?
  • How much time before my stay should I submit my request?
  • Hey! I did not hear back from Barr Camp, what happened?
  • See Barr Camp weather forecast and current weather at the summit on our Links page
  • Current trip reports, weather, photos, Q & A, and contacting us can all be done on our facebook page.
  • Email
  • No – Water ready to drink is not available but there is a clear stream at the camp, you should filter/treat your water.
  • There is also stream water available three miles below Barr Camp at No Name Creek and three miles above, at timberline. See Hiking.
  • In the summer we normally have an outside sink with non-potable water available for washing. In the winter you must use the stream
  • We normally have hand sanitizer available
  • No – You MIGHT get a cell signal on your own phone. If you have an important contact to make you should do so before you arrive at the camp. There is not a reliable cell phone signal here.
  • During the winter, the main cabin is heated with a wood fire.  The open door to the bunk house allows heat to that area. There is no fire during the night. We recommend a good quality winter-weigh sleeping bag which will keep you plenty warm. As caretakers, we do not have heat where we are sleeping either. Note: There is not an indefinite wood supply available to sustain Barr Camp for the future. This along with the tremendous amount of work it is to get the firewood to the camp makes it impossible and impractical to heat at night.
    • The upper cabin does have a wood stove in it. We ask that those in the upper cabin be very conservative with the wood in order to ensure future rental of the cabin.