Overnight – A unique camping experience

  • Breakfast

    Included with all paid reservations.

  • Dinner

    An additional service at $10 per person. Not available on Monday and Tuesday nights.

  • Mattresses

    In the upper cabin, the bunkhouse, and the lean-to shelters.

  • Clean composting toilets
You will need a few essentials for your stay. The list below is a minimum; click here for a more extensive list of recommendations:
  • Paid Reservation:

    Please use the reservation request form to request your stay. We will then process your request to ensure we can accommodate you, and you will receive a bill to pay by credit card. We will hold your spot up to one week before your stay. If you do not pay one week in advance we will cancel your spot and give it to someone else. 

  • Sleeping Bag

    In the winter (Nov-Apr), we recommend a winter weight sleeping bag as there is no heat in any of our accommodations. May-Oct most people are comfortable in a lighter weight sleeping bag. 

  • Meal

    If you’re bringing or preparing your own meals you will need all of your own cooking gear, utensils, and plates, and all waste must be packed out. We do not have stoves or kitchen facilities available.

  • Water Filter / Water Treatment Means

    There is flowing stream near camp. We do not provide drinking water. There are many good water filter/treatment options, check out our gear page for recommendations. 

  • Headlamp

    There is no electricity anywhere in camp.

  • Tent

    Bring your own tent and camping gear

  • Dry Layers And Cabin Shoes

    Both make your stay more comfortable

  • Reservations

    We do fill up, even in the winter months. Reservations guarantee you will not be hiking back down the trail if we have no room, and they help us in our planning.

If you’ve reserved and paid for dinner, you should arrive before 4:00 pm. The hike may take longer than you expect; we do not hold dinner past 6:00 pm. 

If you’re planning to arrive after 7:00 pm, you must book a lean-to shelter or tent site so you do not interrupt other guests that may be sleeping.

There will be spots you will have service on the hike up, but at camp there is no service. Your emails and reservations come directly to us at the camp. There’s only two of us running the whole camp, so please have some patience.